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Black and White
Wool Wrap Skirt
Petite Length


It doesn't get any more classic than black and white. If you want an a-line look that also keeps you cozy, a wool skirt is the one for you.

The magic is in the two layers. The bottom layer hugs your body allowing the top layer to hang smoothly.

Washing instructions:
Dry clean your skirt with a trusted professional.

When choosing a size:
The Petite is 19½" in length.
See how we measured that here.
If you want a longer skirt then choose The Original.

The Original and The Petite both fit a size 2 to a size 12.

Shipping and Handling to any address in Canada is $10 and to any address in the United States is $20.

Pro Tip: Pair with bold colour. Black and white create a neutral back-drop for all your favourite coloured tops from the bright to pastel.

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