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Hello, I'm Rita Di Cesare


I have been making and selling clothing for over 10 years now. While my company began as "nudeclothes" it is now simply "Rita Di Cesare". I believe so strongly in what I do, I wanted to put my name on every garment. 

I make these beautiful clothes the way I do because I believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. While the clothing is simple, it is definitely not simplistic. This inspires every aspect of the process from design and manufacture to the garment's life in your wardrobe.

I am meticulous about the fit of my garments and I am a careful pattern-maker. There are just a few styles in my collection because each one has been pored over for countless hours to get it just right. When choosing fabrics, I not only gravitate towards what I am confident will look great, I also test the integrity of the fabrics in the wash and wear of the garments.

I design my clothes in Toronto and they are manufactured by a team of talented women in small towns near Toronto and London. I am grateful for my team and work to make sure they also enjoy working with me - for without them, achieving the vision for impeccable quality would not be possible.

My garments can be anything you want them to be. They dress up or down equally well. They wear well as they are, or can be accessorized to make the look your own. They mix well with what you already have in your wardrobe, or are a great excuse to go shopping. The possibilities are endless, and who doesn't love options...

My collection is in select stores in Toronto and Ottawa, and at The One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale.

My Wrap Skirt is now available for the first time online.

Please get in touch at - I would love to hear from you.